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Street Defect: Pothole, Sinkhole, etc. Acknowledged

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City of Salem


Street Defect: Pothole, Sinkhole, etc.


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City of Salem




pothole, signs, sidewalk

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Many people have requested information on repairs to Highland Ave and Boston St. The answer is always its been assigned. Today a new sidewalk is being put down in front of NSMC. The condition of the road creates a clear danger to people on the sidewalk so why are we not fixing the roads? It would be really nice if someone can answer this with an intelligent response with a timeline. Please. The section in question is the city's and has been in horrendous condition for over 5 years. If your answer is we are waiting on the state then please give updates on that process. I pay taxes to the city and state so provide some details.

also asked...
Q. How large is the pothole/sinkhole/defect?
A. Multiple
Q. Has there been any injury or damage to vehicle?
A. Yes

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