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my neighbor has 2 pitbulls.6 mos ago one of their pitbulls got in my back yard n draggd my daschund to their yard where they proceeded to to attack him.1200$ later..their owner apologized profusely and assured me he was going to get rid of the dogs and fix the fence in which where they tore up..needless to say..2 weeks after this incident..their pitbull was in my back yard again..and it was my 8 yr old daughter who noitced..i was jus thankful she did not get attacked..the owner again assured me he was in the process of gettin them a home..
i did not hear or see the dogs for a few months.(assuming the owner had done his part).but now they are back.i thot they might jus b visiting..but that is not the case.and the owner did not fix the fence..i am now afraid for my children and my daschunds..i do not let them go in the back yard any longer...and the owners were only willing to pay 500$ of the bill...which was fine with me since they had to lose their dogs..but now the dogs are bak..and like i said..i fear for my childrens well as my own...there are jus a few houses on our street and theirs is the one at the top..


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