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Alley Blading/Smoothing


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SEE TICKET# 4589574. CSR2 rep archived ticket saying this issue is a duplicate of #4519245. THIS IS NOT A DUPLICATE that sink hole is not in my alley and ours is NOT A SINK HOLE. This is a different alley going east & west parrell to 30th ave N that is paved asphalt ONLY. This is not a sewer issue either since last year they checked our sewer and repaved that area outside of our driveway. This is a simple request to get new asphalt over top of existing tar road coming into alley or fill the bumpy areas with new asphalt tar to stop Rain water from sitting in multiple areas causing mosquitos to breed. 1100 30th ave N house. OAK Tree limbs have grown under pavement road raising it in air over multiple spots making it bumby road and holding standing rain water in multiple areas going in and out. This is a small asphalt repair tar alley entrance is on 11th street N the south side behind these two houses: 1108 30th ave N & 1100 30th ave N. Any questions call me 727-647-4946.

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