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Landings Association


Community Path Concern


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traffic, sidewalk


Several years ago I requested a sidewalk be installed on Bartram between TLCo at Landings Way North and the other end at Landings Way North and was informed it wasn't possible for a variety of utility reasons. I have stopped walking along that section of Bartram as there is just too much traffic on the road coming at me. Even at 30 MPH a big pickup or SUV coming at you is scary. Time has passed and things have changed. I ask that my request be reconsidered as this section of Bartram is really the only main road in the Landings that doesn't have a sidewalk now that I am aware of. Please make this a priority for 2019 if not sooner.

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Q. What is the problem?
A. Other
Q. Where is the community path located (intersection/side streets)?
A. Need Community Patch along Southern Section of Bartram

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