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Drainage -- 3rd request for assistance Acknowledged

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This is now the 3rd time that I am reporting this issue. It not only affects my family, but the entire street. The lack of drainage is not just unsightly and requires immense efforts on my part to mitigate, but it also impacts the sale of our house and, most importantly, is a health hazard to my family and our neighbors.

Due to the repeated lack of remediation by the CoH, I will also contact my local media outlets and city council member for Kingwood (773e9) regarding this issue unless it is addressed immediately.

Water pools quickly at our curb in 2 locations, even during minor rain events, not to mention thunderstorms or major weather situations. The water cannot drain into the storm drain around the corner thanks to uneven street levels at the curb that prevent run-off. As a result, a minor rain event can result in stagnant water in the form of a large puddle for weeks.

Over the last three months or so i have spent significant amounts of time and effort to manually push the water around the corner and into the storm drain with a shop broom. I am forced to do this because our house is for sale and the mess at my curb deters potential buyers. if I do not push the broom for literally hours, and waste lots of water to flush away the mud and sand that collects along with the water, the mess extends to almost the center line of the street in a thick, black, swampy puddle.

Worst by far is the fact that the accumulation of water and foul-smelling mud is a breeding ground for mosquitos. I will personally hold the CoH liable if a resident on or around my street becomes ill from mosquito-borne illness, given that i have reported this issue twice in the past.

Following my 1st report, city workers showed up to draw markings on the street, only to never return. Following my 2nd report, city workers again drew markings on the street...only to never return (I suspect they cleaned the storm drain that time because we didnt experience flooding during Harvey -- thank you! -- but that didnt change my drainage issue at all!).

As a tax payer, resident, and constituent I demand that action be taken to remedy this issue. I have been patient and understand delays, but this has now been brought to the CoH's attention since at least 2015. as mentioned, I will bring this to my local representative's atrention as well unless action is taken immediately. I will not shy away from contacting the media any longer to let them know how the CoH plays roulette with residents' health. And I will collect signatures on my street and in my neighborhood if this isn't addressed quickly.


Stefanie Thomas
713-478-1073 cell

3123 Cascade Creek Dr.
Kingwood, TX 77339

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A. Storm Sewer - Drainage.

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