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Unclear lane markings cause near-accidents. Archived

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Traveling eastbound on Nicholson Lane in Rockville you have 3 lane choices as you approach the intersection with 355: one for turning left/going straight, the middle lane for going straight only, and the right lane for right turns only onto southbound 355. However, because of the odd line of sight the middle lane cars often don't realize they should stay to the right as they cross the intersection because there are cars in the left lane going straight. I've almost been hit and/or flipped off many times by drivers assuming they have the right of way and I was in a left turn only lane just trying to force myself into their lane. Clear arrows need to be painted on the eastbound intersection lanes, and lane markings should also be painted right across that intersection since it doesn't line up evenly to the eye. Crossing 355 on Nicholson going westbound is not a problem at all, all the lane crossings make sense.

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