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Pinellas Park




Part of this drainage canal is in the Pinellas Park district and part is in the city of Largo district. In other words behind our house is Pnellas Park but everything north that abuts Ranchero Village and Pine Forest is the city of Largo. I contacted the city of Largo several times and was told there was a work order in process to get the drainage ditch cleaned out. I’ve only see them go over and mow but from the pictures you can see below, it is terribly over grown. Over the years from my recall this has only been dredged out once maybe twice and I’m not sure who did it. It has been neglected for a very long time causing loads of vegetation to grow in the drainage canal and consequently the water flow is basically nonexistent. The stagnant water was checked last year by Pinellas County and loads of mosquito larvae were found and they treated it and my yard and the neighbors unkept swimming pool. We understand that money has been allocated to clean up drainage canal’s and ditches in our area and we would very much like a response from someone as to when we can expect this to be done. We purchased this property 40 yrs ago because it was actually considered on the water. Instead of a beautiful place for the ducks to swim and otters to Roam, it has become a horrible eyesore and we need attention to it .


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