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PROPERTY MAINT - Vacant\Abandoned\Dilapidated


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Large Tree fallen across house / Large holes in side of house growth overgrown in back and front / roof collapse due to huge pine. Windows broken out and mold growth in the rooms. ... I live and own neighboring home and keep grass cut and bushes cut back as best i can at my expense . This Tree was hanging almost to the street and posed a danger to children in area. I cut what i could and moved debris to edge of road at my expense. At the very least i ask that the debris be removed and i not be charged.

also asked...
Q. The structure is
A. Single Family
Q. Is issue visible from the street? If the issue cannot be seen from the street, we cannot address it unless, the reporter allows inspector on their property for viewing. You must be present with the inspector.
A. Yes
Q. Are there broken window panes?
A. Yes
Q. Are the doors open?
A. No
Q. Is there structural damage to the foundation, exterior walls, roof or roof covering material? Provide details in description box
A. Yes

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