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The property that was given this permit, and passed, is not the same listed property. This property does not have a garage. There is a court agreement between tennants and the landlord to have this property inspected for possible fire code violations. This is a residential property that is potentially unsafe for persons to live on the property due to fire code hazards, including smoke alarms that were not brought up to current law.
This property at 1407 Central Avenue East is a stand-alone home with no garage, where the attic was converted into a two-bedroom, one-bath additional unit, and making the property a 2-unit residence with an upper and lower unit that the landlord is renting.
There is suspect that the renovations on this property were not under a proper permit and not properly inspected for residential code and fire code compliance. Therefore making it safe for all tenants renting this property. An inspection needs to be completed as soon as possible to satisfy the court agreement.

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