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Please fix the broken link between the bicycle lane on 9th Ave N. and the sharrow on 1st St.

I was intentionally struck by a vehicle on 9th Ave. North while my family and I were returning home from the farmer's market at Williams Park.

As my family and I were cycling between 3rd Street and 4th Street, a minivan pulled up alongside me on the left, and then intentionally turned hard-right, making contact with me and putting me on the asphalt. If the motorist hadn't struck me, he would have run my wife and 15-month old daughter over.

Unfortunately, the officer that responded to the scene, Officer A. Bragana 2018-25134, stated that his Sergeant informed him that he could not issue any citation since I was uninjured. I was lucky. I was intentionally targeted because I am a cyclist and was struck with a deadly weapon.

Please fix this broken linkage in the cycling network. The problem is that between 3rd and 4th Streets, 9th Avenue's cross-section widens from one lane with one row of on-street parking to three-lanes - sending the message to motorists that they are the only users of the street.

I recommend extending the bike lane along 9th Ave. to 1st. Street and reducing the number of vehicle lanes on 9th Ave. between 3rd Street and 4th Street from three to one.

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