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I live in a unit intersecting the streets Floyd and Morris, and myself and my neighbors are having perpetual trash issues with others neighbors on Floyd. They have been leaving mattresses, canvases, bed frames, furniture and open trash bags on the sidewalk on Morris for the past 3 months. None of these are (understandably) picked up by city trash.

The current state of the sidewalk is abhorrent - it smells awful and there is trash literred everywhere. It is spilling into the street. I will file an official complaint with city council once I determine which unit it is.

Myself and my neighbors in our unit have received official notices from the city telling our unit to have it removed or face penalties, but we are not the offenders and have had to continually clear that issue up with the city.

If someone were able to come and help remove their disgusting mess, that would be very much appreciated. If anyone can give me contact info on how to reach out to an official on this issue, that would be much appreciated as well.



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