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6813 Onyx Drive North Saint Petersburg, Florida Ipakita sa Mapa Itago ang Mapa
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City of St. Petersburg


Sidewalk/Curb Repair


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signs, traffic, sidewalk


First off let me say that this issue was just closed by CSR3.
It is not cosmetic damage and no one has driven over it. Ive lived in this house since 2002 and it has been broken as long as I have lived there. its so bad that my daughter fell in it 10 thats TEN years ago when she was 10 and hurt herself. a child hurting her self is not cosmetic.. USE YOUR EYES! CSR3. a child cannot trip on cosmetic damage and almost break her arm. I knew I should have sued the city 10 years ago but I let it go.. Next time it will be different. Now do your job! fix the curb as it should have been TEN years ago!
Also please post CSR3 supervisior's number so I can report him.
Curb has been broken for over 16 years and has been reported many times to the city. seems our code enforcer Jeff Summers can notice with grass is growing in my driveway but it always blind to issues that cost the city money. such as broken curbs/sidewalk and downed traffic signs. This curb has been broken for well over 16 years yet mr summers never sees it.. Funny how that works huh?

ay nagtanong din...
T. Is this a curb or sidewalk issue?
S. Curb
T. Location of sidewalk/curb issue?
S. when looking at the house its on the left between houses
T. Is the sidewalk made of hex blocks?
S. No

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