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City of Canton, OH


Water Runoff / Draining / Flooding


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flood, drain problem


This is what I get just about every time it rains. I can not show you the rest of the basement that was soaked. If you give me an email address to send you the pics of the flooding that came down Bonnet Ave. Or stop and talk to me. Then you can get a better idea of what I am taking about. It was soaked behind my washer and dryer. The water went up underneath my sink and also my shelving beside the sink. This going to ruin my foundation. Flood insurance won't cover damages and neither will my home owners. This even happens when it doesn't rain as hard. This has never done this before. My drains are all working properly so it has to be coming from the streets or drains in the streets. Please help me.
I hope this pic downloads.

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