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Noise Complaints


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At what point do the Lark Tavern and Lionheart lose the privilege to operate in a mixed-use area? Neither establishment is willing to control itself or its patrons and both incessantly disturb the surrounding community with their customers too frequently also getting into verbal and physical altercations. It's once again hours past time for outdoor areas to be closed and customers and noise to be inside. Police patrols, however, are driving directly past large loud crowds on the patios and sidewalks in front of both establishments, and doing nothing as is typical. Lark Tavern also has its door open again with music amplified throughout the neighborhood. Yes, residents have already called APD. A supervisor needs to train officers to understand and enforce city ordinances while on their patrols without residents having to call to remind APD of its job. This ordinance is simple: Seven days per week, patios in mixed use areas must close by 11:00 PM with doors closed and music and other noise contained inside. Residents of Dana, Madison, Willett and Lark have our quality of life negatively impacted multiple times weekly when we could co-exist fine if establishments would respect the neighborhood in which they do business and follow city laws and ordinances. If they can't do that, their permits should be suspended or revolked. Instead, they thumb their noses because they are allowed to at the expense of many others. And please stop insulting resident and tax payers with the repetitive pat answer: contact 518-438-4000, Joe Lynch and Supervisor Dolan. Exactly how many times do members of APD (and the BID and Common Council Representative, for that matter) need to be told the same thing for it to be addressed in a way that deters it from continuing? The above groups/individuals are already well aware of this problem and fully capable of resolving it. How many citations and fines, for example, has each establishment received for their violations? I'm betting, none. There aren't many jobs where it's considered an acceptable response to tell victims their only recourse is to keep informing the same people of the same issue in perpetuity. We've done our part. The city needs to do it's.

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Q. What type of noise are you reporting?
A. Other
Q. Please briefly describe the situation and where the noise is coming from (ex: inside, outside, car, etc.)
A. Loud music and yelling


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