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Because they failed to pick it up for three weeks, our bagged yard debris had accumulated from 2 bags to 10 by the time they finally showed up yesterday. One of the bags at the bottom of the pile, having been exposed to the elements for 21-plus days, was waterlogged and had naturally begun to deteriorate, so it was not surprising that it tore a bit as they lifted it. It was a minor tear, not an open break that would've prevented or been any more effort for them to toss it on the truck. Instead, they threw it back on the curb, causing the bag to split further and scattering clippings in our driveway, yard and into the street. Please be advised we have raked it all up (again) and bagged it (again), and the bag they neglected to collect yesterday is once again at the curb awaiting pick up. Note that we cannot guarantee the durability of the bag if it remains there indefinitely.

By the way, since pick up was on a Saturday this week, I had the benefit of watching the whole production from my kitchen window. Interestingly, they loaded the bags into our neighbor's trash container (ours had been retrieved already) and loaded it onto the lift to dump the bags. Which makes me think that had there not been an empty container nearby to use for this purpose, they would have skipped us this week too. I also noticed ours seemed to be one of a few random homes in our neighborhood to have yard refuse removed yesterday, while others were left untouched. Which makes me think the new SOP for collecting yard debris is to wait until the resident complains about it.

also asked...
Q. Is the garbage/debris containerized?
A. Yes
Q. Type of debris
A. Yard debris
Q. Type of Container
A. Bags
Q. Was the garbage missed on a regularly scheduled pick up date/time?
A. yes
Q. Was garbage set out before 6:00 a.m.?
A. yes
Q. Is this yard debris?
A. yes
Q. Is this household garbage?
A. no
Q. After cart was emptied, was the cart returned to its originial location?
A. N/A

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