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Street Light Out


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I have reported this outage before but the light still is not functioning and the street is dark and dangerous. The address is 194 Freeman Forest Drive in the Eastlake section of SummerGrove. In addition to my reporting of this outage, another streetlight is out. I have reported this at an earlier date also. There is no number on the pole but the address of the light is between 31 and 37 Corbel Way in the Eastlake section of SummerGrove. Using Click Fix to report issues is not very convenient and apparently not very effective. I wish I could reach someone by phone. These outages are in my neighborhood, not at my address of 102 Portico Place. I walk my dog and notice these issues and am trying to keep myself and others safe during the dark hours of the day and night. Thank you for helping to keep us safe. Please feel free to call me if you have any further questions or concerns. Laura Elliott 770-3-1-6807. Email is a good way to contact me also:

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Q. MUST HAVE Street light NUMBER off pole.
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