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With the warmer temperatures, more people are living in West Park.
Some specific areas of overgrowth are being used to elude site, for storing belongings and camping.
If these areas could get some extra maintenance, opening sight of area, people would not live there, reducing resident encounters.

The area is behind the band shell on the hill.

The green area highlighted in the attached picture is an overgrown grass hillside that was mowed before.
In wet times it may have been more difficult, but with very dry weather now, it should be an easy cut.
It is a relatively small area.

The yellow area is along the tree line.
With undergrowth along trees, it has been a perfect storage area for belongings.
People come day and night, camp there, use drugs there, etc.
This area makes many of us nervous. It has become a safety concern for residents.
If something isn't done soon, we might have to rent something to clear it.
If at least the weeds along the edges could be cut, it would open things up.

The residents that use West Park would appreciate your attention to this matter.
Ann Arbor police have also been notified about people living in the park and sleeping on the band shelter.

also asked...
Q. What type of maintenance is needed?
A. Mowing
Q. What is the park name?
A. West

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