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Bonner Ave is a very residential street that is also a highly used alternative to Harvard Ave for cars driving from Mystic Ave up to Main Street to access other parts of Medford and Somerville. Drivers use very unsafe high speeds up one-way Bonner Ave and then cause congestion at Main Street. As a resident of Bonner Ave, there have been too many mornings when the line of drivers waiting to turn onto Main Street won't even let me pull into the line from the curb. It can take me 2-3mins to inch along 300 feet to Main Street on weekday mornings! The high traffic also causes cracks and potholes in the asphalt.

How does one go about requesting
1) Bonner Ave be designated as a Residents Only street
2) installing 3-way stop signs at the intersection of Main and Bonner
3) installing one of those electronic radar systems to show people just how fast they are going over the speed limit

also asked...
Q. Please provide street location or closest landmark
A. Intersection of Bonner Ave and Mystic Ave
Q. Type of sign?
A. Other (please describe in description field)
Q. What is the problem?
A. Other (please describe in description field)

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