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Hello Torrington Street Department, Mayor Bingham, and anyone else at City HALL that might pay attention!!!

Is Torrington EVER going to repave Farley Place? This road is worse than most dirt roads I've driven on and has been this way for over 5 years. A productive retail area and the road is like driving down a plowed field. How about getting some work done where it promotes business and income, instead of someone's buddy's little side street for a change?

The city FINALLY announces that a study committee is going to look at and rate the need for repaving on city streets, And Farley Place was mentioned as one that might see some work within the next year. When/If this comes to pass, I will gladly close this issue.
And another month goes by with no action,,,granted winter weather is not a time to be repaving streets...but this is now like 6 months later?

Supposedly this street is on a list for consideration. IT STILL NEEDS TO BE FIXED, Mayor Bingham!!!

First SNOW is tomorrow, so we cankiss any fixing of this road goodbye until spring. Maybe.

Dec. 1 is 3 days away. No chance of this being fixed this year. Hopefully Torrington's City Hall won't shovel it under the carpet for another year.

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