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Air Quality


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There was what can be best described as a paint cloud (or fog, the owner says it could not has possibly been a "cloud" or he would have been shut down years ago) coming from the back of The Bodyworks auto body/ paint shop. It is getting quite hard to deal with for myself and my neighbors. Last night (Wednesday, the 12th, just after 7pm) I was working on my truck and it gave me a nasty headache. And occasionally it's so thick that it leaves a layer of visible dust covering both my vehicles that has to be clay barred off. Can you PLEASE do something about this? Aren't paint shops supposed to have filtration systems installed in the booths?

also asked...
Q. What was the weather like when the odor was detected?
A. Sunny
Q. What was the temperature?
A. Hot
Q. What was the wind direction?
A. Calm
Q. What was the intensity of the odor?
A. 10 (Very Strong)
Q. Please check all options that describe the odor:
A. Chemical/Solvent

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