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Rotten vegetables and fruits out in the hot sun Acknowledged

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trash, odor


Suncoast Haven of Rest mission on the Queen St side of the building is so nasty and disgusting just a smell and the horrific smell is so terrible you cannot even walk your dog past that place it smells like rotten fruit and vegetables I feel bad for the surrounding Neighbors . I thought it was against code violations to have food fruits and vegetables packed up in boxes sitting outside in the hot sun to cook I thought restaurants could not do that so why does Suncoast Haven Rescue Mission get to do that? It's really not fair for the Neighbors to smell that smell 24 hours a day it even gets worse when the sun is beaming down on it and cooking it so if restaurants can't leave food out and have to have their dumpster closed and a fenced-in area why does Suncoast get to do it ? The smell is horrific please do something about this. I really feel bad for the homeowners around that place it's not fair what they have to go through

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