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I was doing some work in the community of Tanyard Springs at the Pointe. I saw numerous cars drive through this community at Warblers Perch Way and attempt to drive through to not use the "Official" detour. While we can not force people to use the "Official" detour, the sign that you have that is ran by generator says turn around here. There have been 18 wheelers that have turned around in the community. These roadways are very small compared to main county roads. The 18 wheelers have backed up onto Solley Road from Wabrlers Perch Way causing a very unsafe situation.

I encourage County DPW/Traffic Engineering to move the sign up so it is prior to Warblers Perch Way or at the school. This would allow less close calls and people driving into the small community of The Pointe at Tanyard Springs and coming back out less.

Thank you

If you want to contact me please do so as I would be happy to meet on-site if necessary.

also asked...
Q. Is this a county roadway?
A. Yes
Q. Does the issue involve a Stop sign, Yield sign, Do Not Enter sign or a One Way sign?
A. Yes
Q. Is the non-emergency sign missing, defaced or damaged?
A. Np


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