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Traffic/Pedestrian Signal Complaint


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The overlapping signals, while I am sure are important to reduce vehicle congestion, are dangerous at this intersection. This morning my 3 yo son and I were inches from a bumper. We were in the crosswalk at the end of Cameron and a left turning vehicle from Massachusetts avenue onto Cameron screeched to a stop inches from us. The driver looked irritated that we were in his way. I am grateful we are alive. We had the crossing light. He had a green.

We regularly have these types of problems crossing this intersection, but this is by far our closest call. We use this intersection to get to and from daycare. I dread crossing it.

The overlapping signals during morning rush hour put pedestrians and vehicles in conflict. This is dangerous to do during rush hour when drivers are already rushed and frustrated. Signage warning to yield to pedestrians doesn't (and cannot) succeed in calming drivers adequately for this design to be safe.

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