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Roswell, Georgia


Stormwater / Drainage Issue


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Hello, the streets in my neighborhood were re-paved a little while back. There used to be a speed bump that directed rain water away from my driveway but when it was re-paved that was never added back. It has caused many issues: 1) when it rains, a large volume of water comes down my driveway into my garage (this is where my washer/dryer are connected so is a big problem, 2) it has created a large crevice next to my driveway where the water has removed all grass and dirt from the area and now grass doe not grow there at all, 3) it fills the grates next to my driveway with dirt and leaves up to the top every time it rains. I wanted to see if the speed bump could be out back into the street so water did not gush down my driveway every time it rained. The garage flooding is especially an issue with my washer/dryer being in there as the water made it under them last week during the heavy rains. Thank you for your time.

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