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7896 3rd Avenue South Saint Petersburg, Florida Ka Muuji Khariidadda Qari Khariidadda
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City of St. Petersburg




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79th Street South has become a dangerous road. It is heavily traveled by bicyclists/dog walkers and there is a narrow walk way on either side of the street. Since 79th street is a very long straight road, it is common for cars to travel 60+ miles an hour. It is incredibly unsafe and someone will eventually get hit, perhaps killed. The intersection of 79th St. S and 3rd Avenue South is a perfect location for a stop sigh. It breaks 79th Street in half, not allowing for cars to pick up such dangerous speeds.

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  • La qiray Mayor's Action Center 2 (La Caddeeyey Rasmi ah)

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  • La xidhay Mayor's Action Center 5 (Isticmaale Diiwaangashan)

  • Reopened Ed Gessen (Isticmaale Diiwaangashan)

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