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The tenant at this address routinely parks his commercial box truck at this location, either on the property or on the street. Code enforcement has had active violations against the owner for over a year now, but the owner moves his vehicle to the street to evade the code enforcement's jurisdiction. However, once on the street, it becomes a police matter for violation of city ordinance 26-151. He has moved his commercial vehicle to the street currently to avoid further citations by the code enforcement personnel. This is a game he has played for over a year now. If he parks a commercial vehicle on the residential streets, he is in violation of Sec 26-151 and should be cited for such. Otherwise, maybe everyone else should be able to park their commercial vehicles and recreational vehicles upon the residential streets and save a lot of money on parking lots for being compliant. The truck is there currently in the street in front of this residence

*Police call for service event # E2018158223 Officer Clancy and advised owner was not on scene, roommate was educated on the ordinance on parking commercial vehicles in the street. Advised if Police return and the vehicle is parked in the street, citations will be issued. Codes Compliance has an open case reference this address for parking commercial vehicles in a residential area.

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