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Idiot biker that FLIES down Barjode and up 305th Open

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This idiot is on a Harley, He FLIES down the street... full throttle so he sounds louder than he is. Hardly ever stops at the stop sign at 305th, if there are no cars on 305th, he goes through the stop sign at 305th. he FLIESfrom the corner up to the light sometimes in between cars and curb or turning lane for turning down Barjode. He has scraped along the curb many times because he is not paying attention and just wants to go fast and make the bike louder. there are enough idiots in that intersection we don't need a idiot biker wrecking. cuz i sure as hell would not help him if he wrecked
pictures will follow and plate. oh yea... I have a bike.. just as loud as his and loudness helps us be heard, but the way he rides and throttles is out of control and he should be glad i do not have a baby that gets woke up because of the way he throttles to make his bike louder.

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