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Parking Enforcement


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Residential vehicles sit for days or weeks, without being ticketed even when they disregard alternate side parking and non-resident vehicles park in residential spots each morning and leave at the end of the work day without being ticketed. I know because I've talked to the state workers and hospital employees who do it. They shrug and say they don't get a ticket so the city must not be enforcing.

Parking Enforcement routinely drives past vehicles parked over crosswalks, double parked and parked in handicap spots without hangtags, and does not appear to be ticketing the multiple cars violating residential parking 2-hour limits.

I also hope Councilman Conti will work on getting residential parking 24/7. It doesn't make sense that residents have no parking when they get home from work. It would also benefit the city, because a good number of residents don't purchase permits since they get home after 5:00 PM and leave for work before residential parking goes into effect again. By having 24/7 residential parking, more people would purchase permits.

also asked...
Q. What is the enforcement concern?
A. No Parking
Q. If possible, please briefly describe the situation.
A. Vehicles are not being ticketed for violating the residential parking signs
Q. What is the vehicle make and model? (Ex: Ford sedan)
A. Many
Q. What color is the vehicle?
A. Various
Q. What is the vehicle license plate number and state?
A. Many


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