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Traffic Signals and Paint/Markings


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This non working traffic light is directly putting babies, bicyclist and pedestrians at risk! Urgent change is needed as accident is just waiting to happen.
(1) the walk button doesn't work. You have to wait multiple cycles of traffic lights changes to finally get a walk sign which doesn't last 3 seconds. I've seen pedestrians and bikers dance with cars to risk crossing the intersection during green as they can't wait for walk sign which never appears.
(2) Main st and Madison st and areas are heavy (growing) residential neighborhood with children. They all cross this intersection to get to the T and/or Malden center.
(3) Cars coming in from Charles and turning right into Main are extremely aggressive. Even on rare occasion of walk sign working, cars tend to bully their way to turn right. Pedestrians including folks with stroller w babies have to be extremely careful. There needs to be a "no turn on Red" here and police vigilance. Money can be made here from those violators.

It feels like to have the traffic flowing, the authority is risking pedestrians lives. In fact when you do the math, there are more pedestrians in the street than inside the car. Hence this intersection needs to be solved! Happy to answer any questions you might have.


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