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Confusing Intersections (lane markings/thru-traffic) Open

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As part of the reconstruction process of repairing the Route 32/Route 2 intersection, there are a few issues which also need to be fixed at most of the intersections along this stretch of 2nd Avenue.

The main problem with this entire road, from 13th St. all the way up to 25th St., is that there is virtually no indication on which lanes are the turning lanes and which lanes are the thru-lanes!

The pavement lines are almost completely worn off along its entire length, and the traffic lights don't all have a consistent series of green left-turn arrows to show which lanes are left turn lanes and which ones are thru-traffic lanes!

The logical setup would be to have the far right-hand lanes always be designated only for straight thru-traffic and right turns. Each intersection along this stretch of Route 32 should have identical lane markings to make it less confusing.

The far left lanes should be ONLY for left turns, so that motorists trying to make left turns don't hold up all the traffic behind them which is trying to go straight.

The DOT (or whoever is responsible) needs to completely re-align the patterns of traffic flow, so that drivers aren't constantly weaving from lane to lane, not knowing which lane to be in.


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