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Street Pavement Condition


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I live at 44 North Avenue and received a flier asking for input on changing an ADA parking space to a regular parking space. I don’t have a problem with the city making this switch.

What I would really like is for the city to fix the road in front of my house. Currently, when it rains (or snows in the winter) a giant puddle forms in front of our house. It occasionally gets so big that when a car drives through it, the puddle actually splashes the front door, which is 4 stairs above sidewalk level. We have dumped hundreds of dollars this year alone (not to mention a substantial amount of hard work and time) into growing a viable lawn in the green belt. It looks better than it has in years past, where we’d just let that strip of land be a dry strip of weeds and dirt, however as the summer goes on and the green belt is pounded with water from the puddle, the grass is slowly dying and it’s going back to the state of mud in a storm and grass patches the rest of the time. Please have the city fix the road.

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