St Marks Pond Berm Foliage Cutting Open

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Town of North Attleboro


Drainage/Flooding Issue


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In 2016 the residents surrounding St Marks Pond were advised that the town was required to improve the berm surrounding the pond. The process required all trees to be removed and subsequently a beautification portion of the project to ensure the area would continue to be maintained with cuttings monthly. It is also my understanding that access to the pond through St Marks Church was acceptable. For the last 2 years the berm has been left to grow wild and several of the neighbors have contacted the town to have the area cut. It is my understanding that due to the angle of the berm it requires 2 people to perform the cutting operation and feedback has been provide that obtaining 2 people to perform such work is very difficult and the reason the work is not done. I would ask the town to revisit this and help get resources to weed wack the a berm monthly. You are welcome to contact me and I would be happy to allow you access to Pond to see current condition.

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