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Samuel W. Mason School Acknowledged

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Homeless people and drug addicts are living, littering and basically destroying the outside of a public school in Boston. No one has created a systematic plan to keep the area free of this disgrace. Children and camps are consistently heading to the Comminity Pool as well as the playground across the street where litter , clothing and needles are found consistently.
I am a former employee of this school and this mess would never be tolerated in my small suburban town I live in.
The police, community leaders, bps, mayor and facilities management team need to come together to find a permanent solution to this travesty. At one time this was an award winning School and I find this situation absolutely unacceptable and wouldn’t be tolerated in another area of town (s). Today a random EMT driver graciously went above and beyond to pick up the needles. Then a city crew came to clean sidewalk and finally a facilities crew came to clean outside school. It is clean now but won’t be 24-48 hours from now. I hope the city departments can come up with a plan to prevent or systematically clean up this area regularly before this dire situation ends up on the local news channels.

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