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Blocked Street Basin Packed Solid with Dirt Acknowledged

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Blocked Catch Basin


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Street cover is packed solid with dirt and causes regular basement backups due to drain not being maintained and able to allow drainage. Whenever showers are taken, water does not leave the basement promptly. Whenever there is rain, the backups become worse and water pools at the curbside and remains in the street because of blockage. The city of DETROIT water Department or the responsible city Department needs to do their job and get this matter resolved promptly. My personal belongings are at risk of being damaged and destroyed due to this ongoing issue. Please contact me direct at 248-943-1411 regarding this issue or contact me direct at the address listed (5943 Marseilles, Detroit, MI 48224).

also asked...
Q. Where is the blocked basin?
A. Street
Q. What is the nearest address to the blocked basin, or the street name?
A. 5493 Marseilles, Detroit MI 48224
Q. 1st Street:
A. Linville
Q. 2nd Street:
A. Berden

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