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Drainage System Violation Acknowledged

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City of Houston


Drainage System Violation


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This construction project on Donovan is dumping a large amount of mixed water and material and the result is our storm sewer drains are full on Wunder lane. Our storm sewer drains are completely full thanks to the construction project. This is a hazard water that will not drain attract mosquitos, ticks and could flood our properties.

also asked...
Q. What is being dumped into the drainage system?
A. Water and other products think cement
Q. Where is the substance being dumped?
A. Storm Sewer
Q. Do you know the responsible party that's dumping?
A. Yes
Q. If yes, give name and any contact information.
A. Builders of townhomes on Donovan street
Q. Is the dumping still in progress?
A. Yes

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