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City of St. Petersburg


Stormwater Issue


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After 10 mins of rain, water reached center double line and didn't flow at all on Southside of 30th ave N between 1116 30th ave N & 1100 30th ave N Southside of road. Water sat in front of 1108 30th ave N reaching double center lines and expanded from alley and 11th street N south side of road. Cars started driving on north side of road in wrong lane as they traveled east towards mlk. The asphalt on this side near curb needs to be raised to help the water flow towards sewers. It seems 30th ave N between 16th street N and MLK might need to be looked at during a rain by higher management cause cars where at a stand still on 30th ave N approaching MLK also. I have pics and videos to show this occurrence it was bad flooding and not nice at all for being a newly paved road.

also asked...
Q. What are you reporting?
A. Street flooding
Q. Location of problem?
A. 1108 30th ave N
Q. Does the issue involve a sewer (wastewater) line?
A. No


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