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Cambridge Housing Authority's (CHA's) redeveloped Jefferson Park (JP) is now being occupied. Clifton Street, which is one way south coming out to Rindge Ave has been extended into JP as a one way extension that loops around and exits JP heading north onto Rindge Ave (making left or right turn with just a STOP sign) with a new name Clifton Place (?). These are two new intersections with Rindge Ave and ISD had issues temporary occupancy permits without any proper street signs or traffic signs in place.
The sidewalk on the south side of Rindge Ave is heavily used by children going to/from the Peabody Elementary School and Rindge Ave Upper School. These children will be going back to school on 9/4, in just about 3 weeks, using Rindge Ave with two new, unfamiliar intersections in addition to nearby Jackson Place on the east and another road exiting from Brickworks Condos on the west. Not to mention new residents who maybe new to the neighborhood and are not used to the students' foot traffic.
For the sake of children's safety, please coordinate efforts of all City departments involved and CHA to make sure all safety measures are in place (street signs, traffic signs, cross-walk striping, school crossing guards to name a few) so that the children will be able to negotiate these new changes safely.
Also. please ensure the traffic light at Clifton Street/Clifton Place are timed properly for the children to cross safely.
Thank you for your expedited action on this critical safety issue.

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