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About 2 days ago construction was begun on a large addition to a garage at 20 Lamberton St./ aka 300 Hallock AVENUE. Because it is a wood garage, and one side is ON the property line, where the building code requires a 2' setback for wood garages, I am assuming that no building permit was obtained.
The structure already is framed and sheathed; perhaps the owner intends to claim it's a pre-existing structure?
Also note that this property long has been the site of ongoing illegal activity involving ATVs and non-compliant retro-fitting of cars after emissions testing. A tow-truck has been parked in front since construction began. Perhaps they intend to (illegally) use this as a commercial garage?

also asked...
Q. Is the problem blight (trash, etc) outside, or is it a problem with the building (illegal use, housing code violation, etc)?
A. Building Problem

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