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Our Neighbor is building earth dams to block the flow of water in the city ditch in-front of her property. This is causing the rain water and street runoff to flood all of the surrounding houses.

She is also using several sump pumps to pump her ditch dry, by push the muddy ditch water into our residential housing sewage. This is overworking the sewage system and will only cause grater issues down the road with all of the mud.

We, the surrounding neighbors, have called the city hundreds of times on her, as she has been doing this for several years. Our ditches have several feet of standing water while hers is currently dry. We cannot walk outside due to all the mosquitoes that the standing water is breading. And our residential sewage seems to now be taking a toll from the years of abuse from mud being pushed into it.

Can you please give us a contact number to someone who can assist us with this issue?

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