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I am a friend of someone who lives in this rental. There is mold, and mildew throughout the house. A hole in the kitchen wall, and you can see the black mold growing. There was never a certificate given/shown when she signed the lease showing for lead paint, and the addition on the house is separating away from the main house. There are rodents living under the poorly made back porch, and the roof is so bad (need to be replaced) that it leaks, so her ceiling leaks. The plumbing is not right, clogged pipes, leaky pipes, and toliet. The hot water heater is like 4 feet off the ground on a metal rack. The kitchen floor like swells when it rains, like the mud/dirt is coming up under it. The house is a mess and unsafe. She is afraid to say anything, and she doesnt even know who to say anything to. She has children, and we are worried for their health. Can someone direct me on where to turn to as to any of these concerns? The photo attached does no justice, as its worse now.

Thank you

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