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Hi from, Mike. – 11 Whittier Ave – Yonkers NY. 10704 -
We have 2 Street lights that are out – And another one that comes and goes – The one at the corner of Central Ave and Whittier Ave – Is OUT – the one at 11 Whittier Ave – Is OUT - And the one down the street at Nelson St. and Whittier Ave. - Comes and goes – Street is very dark at night – We also have an on going problem at 9 Whittier Ave. Across from the old Steward Stamping Loading dock – As well as in the loading dock – Mostly on weekend nights – Prostitution – Drug deals – And kids drinking – We find, bottles, Trash – And Condoms after most weekends – We have reported this to the local police – But in 3 years now – We have never seen a cruiser drive by – The police never wright anything down when we go in to make a report – They just say OK. We will check it out – I would like to request another light installed on the pole across from the loading dock as well – There is also a large light on the Steward stamping building that the city made them put in to light up the parking lot – But this has been out since the new owner took over – Thank You, Mike.

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