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I reported this issue yesterday and it has not been published. There is selective enforcement for ticketing vehicles in front of Orange Blossom Catering and my gallery which is a portion
of the Orange Blossom building. My van was parked in the loading zone on Wednesday at about 3:30. It was raining so I was in the gallery preparing space to unload items. Also, waiting for the rain to stop. I received a ticket at 5:52. The sign does not specify a time limit. Big food and beverage trucks unload on 4th street that is in the line of traffic and never receive citations. Vans in the loading zone are off of the street and present no traffic issue. A car with a disabled license was parked in the 2 hour parking the same amount of time as my van. I understand that they receive an exemption, but that car was still in that spot the next morning at 10 AM. A motorcycle on the block beyond the alley is in a space 24/7.

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