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Natick, MA


Curbside Recycling Collection


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I just witnessed the Recycling collector purposely drive forwards and backwards to drop 2 of 3 barrels from a neighboring buildings location to block off a shared driveway. I understand he's frustrated because they did not separate them the required 3 feet and he seems to hate his job. But this is a shared passthrough drive that numerous families use including 2 families with babies under the age of 1. This is quite dangerous for them trying to come home with young children and not able to pull into their homes on a busy street potentially making them get out to move these barrels so they can safely bring their children home. Point taken, but this is not a single family driveway on a side street. Think he needs a reminder that tax dollars pay his salary.

also asked...
Q. Please provide detail of your Curbside Recycling Collection inquiry.
A. Recycling collector takes it upon himself to drop the barrels in front of the shared driveway to block it... to prove a point.
Q. What is your bi-weekly Recycling pickup week?
A. Blue Week
Q. Please provide street address related to inquiry (address number and street name).
A. 67/ 69 S Main St


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