Tree over hang, root encroachment into side walk and drainage Acknowledged

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Howard County, MD


Tree Concern


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The trees on county property lining the street are so overgrown that the canopy reaches from one side of street to other. Many downed small limbs come with any wind or storm. residents clean up so they can pull out of their driveways . Roots beginning to push concrete Sidewalks up. Leaves fall from trees starting in beginning of summer and bark peeling off as if the trees are dying or diseased. Both leaves and bark are washed into drainage which causes clogging of run off pipe and floods open field and streams behind homes.
Where is Sewells Orchard on the schedule for tree pruning? It’s been longer than 10 years. We recently had a mature tree fall over blocking street access due to ground saturation from constant rain. Most likely will happen again. Hopefully no know will be injured or sustain damage to property.
Thank you for your consideration


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