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Nuisance On Property


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Our property is surrounded by empty lots. The neighbor at 206 Hyde Park will not deal with the weeds and vines that are growing over his fence and up the back of his house. These vines are starting to come on to my house and they are very destructive. We are also starting to have problems with mice. The owner does not live there but he rents rooms to a revolving cast of young people. They are mostly decent neighbors. But the owner is not maintaining the house and is specifically not addressing the growing weeds. I have tried to talk to him about this and he promises me he will address it. The owner of the empty lot does a pretty good job of mowing the lot. It is what is growing around the fences. Additionally these vines and weeds are starting to pull the fence down. Homeless people are coming in through his falling down fence and getting on my patio. Neighbor won't secure his fence and it is a security risk to all of us. Please come tag his house. I think that will encourage him to take care of his responsibilities.

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A. Weeds/brush
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