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Traffic Signal


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Good day,

Please be advised that the intersection of Font Hill Dr. and Grosvenor Rd. at Font Hill Wetland Park is a high vehicular/high pedestrian traffic area and vehicles tend to very often violate the speed limits on both roadways posing a risk to children, families and older adults.

Families, young children and older adults tend to frequent the park, and one of the pedestrian routes most often used to get to the park is down the hill on Grosvenor Rd., (runs downhill toward the park and Font Hill Dr). Vehicles tend to speed down the Grosvenor Rd hill only to abruptly stop at the intersection's stop sign looking for incoming cross traffic, *not* pedestrians, as they make a right/left turn. I've seen some near misses here, but thankfully, no injuries yet. Some type of warning signage/traffic calming measures are critical here to protect pedestrians.

S/SW bound traffic (N/NE bound traffic to a lesser extent) on Font Hill Dr. also seems to speed up after clearing the speed calming cars speed, their highest speed is reached right at the spot where pedestrians cross Font Hill Dr. to reach the park, adding another level of danger to this intersection. Speed calming bumps are much too far away from where most pedestrians cross to reach the park. A 'pedestrian crossing' sign with a built-in warning light at the very center of this intersection would have a two-fold effect: it would protect pedestrians and probably slow down traffic.

Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

Julio Vela

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