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Drainage: Capital Project List


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• The water is ponding in the street and sidewalk she alleges – and is concerned that it may make for an unsafe situation in the winter. Is there any way to better route the water to a drop inlet so it doesn’t pond in the street? • Is it permissible to drill a hole into the curb to discharge stormwater? Thank you. 1) This is groundwater being discharged, which is clean. 2) They are discharging to a separate storm sewer, not a combined sewer, so we’re good with that. 3) They have not directly tied into the catch basin without seeking permission first, so we’re happy about that. 4) The groundwater table is very high right now and it’s likely that this is flowing more continuously as a result. I do not believe this is a permanent situation. 5) We would be willing to entertain the idea of this water being piped more directly into the catch basin, but it’s unclear to me who’s responsibility that would be. I think the homeowner. 6) There was a claim by another neighbor that they have installed pumps in their backyard as well. The water velocity coming from this sidewalk hole did not appear to be pumped, and the homeowner I spoke with at 101 Killarney said they just put drains back there. This may be worth investigating further.

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