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First reported on April 23, 2018 with an issue report # 4366303 behind the house of 136 Morningside Drive. No work or contact has been made. This same issue also remains behind 122 Morningside Dr. please contact constituent to be present during inspection/decision: M. Lopez (864)-494-0141 .
-There’s a strip of city property that runs between the Northbridge nursing home at 2875 Main St. AND the houses of 136-116 Morningside Drive.
-This strip of property is forgotten and neglected by the city and maintained by the home owners. There are invasive trees and vines growing here that are killing the ornamental arborvitae trees present.
-About four trees need removal and another large older needs deadwood pruning and vine removal.
-The Photo with this report shows the trees behind 122 Morningside dr. It’s hard to discern between all the green, but the bright green outline the ornamental arborvitae trees. And the red shading is over the invasive tree that needs to be removed.
-(the photo in the comment shows the three trees to be removed behind 136 Morningside Drive and the large tree that needs maintanance.)

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F. What is the issue?
A. Tree in Danger of Falling
F. Describe the location of the issue?
A. between the Northbridge nursing home and the houses of 136 trough 122 Morningside Drive. there’s a four foot deep strip of city property.

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