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City of Malden


Traffic Signals and Paint/Markings


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There is a crosswalk there, but sadly no one follows the laws and stops when there is someone waiting to cross. It may be in partly because no one knows there is a crosswalk there. I, as well as many commuters who use the crosswalk to cross the street after getting off the bus find it unsafe. Im writing this right now because I nearly got hit earlier after getting off the bus. I was lawfully crossing on the crosswalk but I feel like the Driver may have not been aware of the crosswalk there (perhaps also distracted). If by any chance the city of Malden can place a yellow crosswalk/pedestrian sign (there is already one a block down on Lynn street towards Revere St & Oliver St intersection, placing one more won’t hurt). While the risk is still there, at-least drivers will become more aware of the crosswalk and as well as following the law.

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