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Storm Drain Cleaning


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Spring Glen

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The storm drains at the bottom of Swarthmore St, near Whitney Ave, are clogged by debris and sand that were swept down the hill by yesterday’s rain. The drains flank the bridge over the creek that runs under the street, and get clogged every time it rains or snow, due to poor bridge and drain design. The town clears the drains once a year. But the drains are clogged by every major storm. We live on the south side of the street and clear the drain on our side, which is downhill and where most of the rainwater goes, every other week. This avoids most, but not all, damage. When the drains fill with debris during a storm, rainwater floods the street, over a foot deep, and finds its way into the creek on both sides of the bridge. As a result, the ground underneath the bridge sidewalk has been slowly washed away, and the sidewalk itself (a busy one with school children and residents) is perched on a void. It could collapse soon. See attached photo.


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